Beloved Earth Community’s Monthly Newsletter: Save Our Future

Beloved Earth Community, a MSJ ministry of The Riverside Church, calls Riversiders to protest the climate crisis and care for the Earth through educational programs, greening the church, changing our lifestyles, and courageous political action.

They are pleased to introduce Save Our Future, a monthly newsletter for the congregation to focus on the growing threat of climate change and what we need to do, as individuals and a congregation, to prevent the total destruction of our planet and all its inhabitants.  Issues are available as PDFs below:


On Saturday, August 20, 2023 BEC held its annual picnic. Dana Minaya, a stalwart of BEC, graciously allowed us to use her home for this. Lots of conversation and healthy food. a most enjoyable interlude. If you would like more information please contact David King at or 917 974 1513.


Save Our Future – September 2023 – Issue 13 

Save our Future- July 2023 – Issue 12

Save Our Future- May 2023 – Issue 11September 2023 Newsletter

Save Our Future- February, 2023- Issue 10

Save Our Future-  January, 2023 – Issue 9

Save Our Future – Fall/December, 2022 – Issue 7

Save Our Future – August/September, 2022 – Issue 6

Save Our Future – June/July, 2022 – Issue 5

Save Our Future – May, 2022 – Issue 4

Save Our Future – April, 2022 – Issue 3

Save Our Future – March, 2022 – Issue 2

Save Our Future – February, 2022 – Issue 1