Funerals and Memorials

The Riverside Church holds funeral and memorial services for members, immediate family and friends of our faith community. We hold services in both the Nave and Christ Chapel, and offer spaces for repast gatherings. When a death has occurred, or is imminent, one of our ordained Riverside ministers will be assigned to that family to provide pastoral care. The minister will meet with family members, pray with them, and guide them in planning a meaningful service. The Director of Music assists families with music selections and the hire of soloists, if desired. Riverside clergy may also travel with the family to the final committal, when requested.

In addition, the Memorial Society assists with the purchase of niches in Riverside’s Columbarium. (For more information, call 212-870-6785.)

We are pleased to offer this booklet to serve as a resource for those interested in scheduling a funeral or memorial service and/or purchasing a niche. It is also designed to answer some basic questions and provide resource information that will be helpful in planning a meaningful service:

Download the Riverside Funerals & Memorials Guide

For more information about funerals, please contact Clent Jones, Pastoral Events Manager at or 212.870.6844 or 212.870.6886.