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The Riverside Member Network is a private and secure space to ask questions, share updates, and connect with members and ministries of The Riverside Church. This online network is available to all members of the church and allows us to stay connected with one another and the ministries and work that we are a part of.

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What is the Riverside Member Network?
The Riverside Member Network (RMN) is an online space for members of The Riverside Church to share updates, ask questions, and connect with members, ministries, commissions, and committees of The Riverside Church. This allows us to post minutes from commission or committee meetings, upload important documents, share about upcoming programs and events, ask questions about Riverside ministries, and more. This online network is available to all members of the church and allows us to stay informed about and  connected with one another and the ministries and work that we are a part of in the life of our community.

The RMN is available through an online platform called Circle. This platform allows us to create a private and secure online network for Riverside members.

What is Circle? I thought The RMN was on Mighty Networks?
We first launched the RMN on a platform called Mighty Networks but have now moved it to a platform called Circle. This platform allows for greater customization of the online space, making it easier for members to share updates and find the information that they are looking for. Circle also allows the RMN to function as an online congregational directory, making it easy to get to know other members and deepen our connections with one another.

What do I do if I forgot my password?
Visit www.trcnyc.circle.so and follow the prompts on screen to sign in with the email and password you created when setting up your account. If you do not know your password select “Forgot your password?” to have it reset.

I’ve logged in to the RMN. Now what?
When you log in to the RMN you will be in the “home” section and will see three columns. As you scroll through the center column you will see the most recent posts from all across the RMN. You can watch the videos, listen to podcasts, read updates, as well as “like” and comment on every post.

The left column lists the various commissions and committees at The Riverside Church. You can click the spaces listed below each section to find out more, share an update, or ask a question about that specific item. For example, if you are looking for the latest information from a recent MSJ meeting, click “Meetings & Documents” under the MSJ section. Or if you have ideas you want to share about worship at Riverside, click “Conversation & Ideas” under the Worship section. The number next to each section indicates the number of new updates waiting for you to see.

The right column shows the trending posts. These are the updates that have received the most engagement. Click on one to open the post to find out more. You can always click “Home” in the top left corner to return to the home page. At the very top of the right column is a button that says “New Post.” When you click this button you can create a new post to share in the RMN.

How do I set up my profile on the RMN?
You can access your profile by clicking the circle in the top right corner of the screen. If you have uploaded a photo it will appear in this circle. If you haven’t done this yet the circle will contain your initials. Click the circle and select “Edit Profile” to begin updating your profile.Your profile information will be visible to other members of the RMN. Be sure to select “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen after you have updated your profile.

To view someone else’s profile simply click on their name or photo or select the “members” icon from the row of icons displayed in the top right part of the screen. Each profile will show a collection of the posts and comments made across all the spaces of the RMN. There is also an option to send a Direct Message to other members, allowing everyone to easily connect with one another.

I’m the secretary for a commission or committee. How do I post agendas, meeting minutes, or other presentations or documents to the RMN?
There are two ways to post your commission or committee’s meeting minutes to the RMN. 

First, select “Meetings & Documents” from the appropriate section in the list on the left column. Then click “New Post” to create a new post in this space. Give the post a title, such as the commission name and meeting date, and click the paperclip icon to upload a document to the post. You can also write something in the post as well.

The other way to upload meeting minutes is by clicking “New Post” in the upper right section of the Home section. This will begin the same process – title and upload – with the additional step of selecting the space you want to share your post.

My ministry or commission has an upcoming program or event that I want to share with the congregation? How do I do that on the RMN?
The RMN is the perfect place to share your upcoming programs and events with The Riverside Church congregation. Click “Events” under the appropriate section on the left column and create a new post. You can include links to other websites so that people can find out more and register. Be sure to share a personal note as to why this event is important and other Riverside members should participate.

What is the most important part of the RMN?
The most important part of the RMN is the ability for Riverside members to stay connected to the life of our community. The RMN makes it easy to read the latest minutes from Riverside meetings as well as deepen your connection with other members. The most important part of the RMN is you! This space will be as active and engaging as we make it. It is a community led network and all our contributions will bring it to life.

What do I do if I have questions about the RMN?
If you have questions about the RMN you can use the RMN to send a message to Rev. Jim Keat or you can contact the Riverside Communications team at communications@trcnyc.org.