Open Bible Study

Every Sunday | 9:30 am ET | MLK 316 and Zoom

With one text, we’re offering two classes to cater to the diverse needs of our entire congregation. Rev. Dr. Coleen Birchett will facilitate the on-site class and Rev. Jim Keat will facilitate the online class. Join us as we embark on this new chapter of Open Bible Study!

Open Bible Study is a space where people can learn something new about the Bible and discuss the ways this ancient text continues to echo in our world and lives today. This is a space to open our minds to new ideas and ways of seeing the Bible, our world, and ourselves. The group is open to all and a safe space open to all ideas and questions, so long as they are shared with love.

Participate in Open Bible Study to look at the texts that will be preached that Sunday as we pray, study scripture, and check in with one another. This class takes place each Sunday morning at 9:30 am ET. Contact Education at for more information.

Click here to join on Zoom

Prepare for Bible Study on Sunday by watching The Word Made Fresh
with Rev. Adriene Thorne and Rev. Jim Keat!