The Riverside Church values our youth and understands the importance of their contribution to the life of our church. They are an integral part of our community and our worship. On Sundays from 9:30-10:45 a.m., Middle and High School Youth will be involved in faith formation and strong community building with each other. They are then invited into the greater life of worship in the Nave with their families.

At least once a month, there will be an outing for the students to be able to spend additional time with each other, such as museum visits, retreats, community service, and other outings. To access upcoming events, please sign up for the Children, Youth & Families e-newsletter by emailing Rev. Bruce Lamb, Minister of Faith Formation.


2019 Millennial Scholarship Application

The 2019 Millennial Scholarship Application is now available!  Click here to download.

The Riverside Church Millennial Scholarship Program offers youth involved in the minis-try programs of the church scholarships to accredited colleges, universities and vocational programs. Annually the congregation gives several scholarships to eligible youth. These scholarships can be dispersed out over the course of one or four academic years. Since its inception the Millennial Scholarship program has dispersed more than $400,000 to youth involved in our ministry programs. Applications are due April 22, 2019.


Confirmation classes, designed for children in grades 7 and above, are a journey that teaches basic theology of Christ, and how the Gospel ultimately affects how we relate to God, neighbor, church, and world. Students and parents are encouraged to engage this interactive faith passage journey together.

Confirmation classes run bi-monthly January 28–June 18. During this journey students will choose a service project as well as attend a confirmation retreat in August. Confirmation Sunday will take place in September.

Justice in the City Youth Ministry Forms

All Youth and Parents are asked to read and turn in the following: