Senior Minister Search Committee Update | June, 2021

Dear Riverside Church,

Grace and peace from the Senior Minister Search Committee.  Beginning in June, the Senior Minister Search Committee will call upon the entire church family to participate in the search process for new pastoral leadership by launching a Summer “Listening Tour.”

We invite each and every Riversider to be part of our community discernment process to identify our church’s prayer for the future and corresponding pastoral needs as the Search Committee works to develop a church profile for potential candidates for senior minister.

To that end, the Search Committee will embark on a Listening Tour by hosting small group gatherings on Sunday afternoons in June through August for one hour via Zoom.  In order to hear from everyone involved in the life of the church in a single summer, the Search Committee will divide into pairs and will pose a uniform set of questions in each small group gathering.  We have scheduled a combination of Open Sessions and sessions for the variety of ministries that take place at Riverside.

The Listening Tour Schedule (PDF) lists the dates set aside for small group gatherings, each virtual session taking place on Sundays from 1:00 to 2:00pm.  Beginning June 27, Open Sessions are scheduled each month for any Riversider who participates in the life of the church in any manner.

If you are involved in a particular ministry, you will find a session reserved for your small group on the schedule.  If you cannot attend on the Sunday scheduled for your ministry group, please feel free to join us for one of the Open Sessions.  If you are involved in multiple ministries of the church, we welcome your presence and participation in more than one session.  Come one and all!

You are also encouraged to view our Frequently Asked Questions for full details about the Listening Tour.  In celebration of our life together, we will host an informal, in-person gathering in Sakura Park later this summer.  Stay tuned for details!

Please help us spread the word as we extend this invitation to all who participate in the life of The Riverside Church.  We look forward to hearing from you in the Search Committee’s Listening Tour.

Grace and peace,

The Senior Minister Search Committee

Alexa, Andrea, Annie, Beth, David, Emily, Hylda, Karissa, Lee, Lisa, and Mark