2021 Listening Tour FAQ

Listening Tour Schedule (PDF) – updated August 30, 2021

WHAT is the Listening Tour?
The Listening Tour is our community discernment process to help us articulate who we are as a church so that we may work together to develop a church profile for potential pastoral candidates.

WHO is hosting the Listening Tour? 
At least two members of the Senior Minister Search Committee will host each session. The eleven members of the search committee are Emily Anderson, Hylda Clarke, Alexa Donaphin, Lisa Hinds, Annie Meredith, Karissa Garner, Lee Sartain, David Vaughn, Andrea White, Beth Wynne-St. Louis, and Mark Yim.

WHO will meet with the Senior Minister Search Committee?
Every Riversider is invited to participate. The search committee will work hard to gather input from everyone involved in the life of The Riverside Church. Come one and all!

WHEN will the Listening Tour take place?
The search committee will meet in small groups every Sunday afternoon after Virtual Coffee Hour, June through October, for one hour, 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. See the schedule (PDF) for when your group meets.

WHERE does the Listening Tour take place?
All small group sessions will be virtual gatherings on Zoom. See the schedule (PDF) for your Zoom link. The September 26 and October 10 Open Sessions are in-person in South Hall.

HOW will the Listening Tour take place?
In order to hear from everyone involved in the life of the church in one summer, the search committee will divide into pairs and will pose a uniform set of questions in each small group gathering.

WHICH small group should I attend?
The search committee has scheduled a combination of Open Sessions and sessions for the variety of ministries that take place at Riverside. If you are involved in a particular Riverside church ministry, you will find a date that has been scheduled for your small group.

WHAT IF I am not involved in a particular church ministry?
Open Sessions are scheduled each month for any Riversider who participates in any manner in the life of the church.

WHAT IF I can’t attend when my small group is scheduled?
If you cannot attend on a scheduled Sunday for your small group, you are invited to join one of the Open Sessions: June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8, September 26, and October 10. All sessions meet right after Virtual Coffee Hour, from 1:00 to 2:00 p.m. The September 26 and October 10 Open Sessions are in-person in South Hall.

WHAT IF I am involved in multiple ministries at Riverside?
If you are involved in multiple ministries of the church, we welcome your presence and participation in more than one session.

WHO should I contact if I need technical support?
If you need assistance joining a small group virtual session, please email Rev. Jim Keat, our Digital Minister.