(A New Liturgy)

“I bring you my pain, I give you my sorrow. I offer my shame, the threat of tomorrow.”

What are you bringing with you as you journey through the season of Lent?

If we don’t learn how to weep over the broken parts of our lives and the brokenness of the world, we will further break our lives and the world.

But another way is possible. Healing is possible. Wholeness is possible. Our wounds don’t disappear, but they can truly become a channel for the river of new life to flow. This holy river usually begins with tears.

Producer and songwriter: Aaron Niequist
Mixed by Phil Schawel
Mastered by Ivan Talamantes
Lament content and spoken word: Jenna Perrine
Co-producer, vocalist, and guitars: David Gungor
Co-producer, guitars, and sonic goodness: Israel Hermosillo
Vocals on “Lament”: Fatai
Cello: Dave Cambell
Violin: Kate Gungor
Piano: Aaron Niequist

(words & music: Aaron Niequist © Aaronieq Music)
Taken from the album NINE BEATS TO THE BAR
This recording © 2017 Lifewords. Used with permission

Lament is the seventh installment in Aaron Niequist’s project, A New Liturgy. Visit to find out more.

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