Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian

October 16th-December 11th | 9am | MLK 321 & Zoom

Facilitated by: Thomas Reinehr

An online (Zoom) and in-person book study and discussion group. Union Theological Emeritus Professor Paul Knitter spent his theological career in interfaith dialogue. In this book, “Without Buddha I Could not be a Christian,” he answers “Do I really believe what I say I believe, or what I’m supposed to believe as a member of the Christian community.” He has found that he is a better Christian blending in key thought from Buddhism. “All good theology is a matter of discontinuity in continuity, creating something that is root and nourished by the old” The book will be available for purchase in the welcome center.

Week 1: Class intro and Preface of book, “Am I Still a Christian”
Week 2: Chapter 1, Nirvana and God the Transcendent Other
Week 3: Chapter 2, Nirvana and God the Personal Other
Week 4: Chapter 3, Nirvana and God the Mysterious Other
Week 5: Chapter 4, Nirvana and Heaven
Week 6: Chapter 5, Jesus the Christ and Gautama the Buddha
Week 7: Chapter 6, Prayer and Meditation
Week 8: Chapter7, Making Peace and Being Peace and Conclusion.

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