Simple Gifts: Introduction

As we move through the season of Advent toward Christmas, I often find that swirling holiday images and expectations feel more urgent and my own life sorely lacking in comparison. But Advent invites us into a posture of waiting. And as we wait for wonder and peace to be born in our world again, we can do the spiritual work of looking intentionally for all the simple gifts of the lives we live.

Our texts during Advent invite us to welcome the gifts of light, food, music, and travel, and the daily prompts in this book are provided to help us live into an abundance of simple gifts all around us. How is your life enriched by the simple gifts of being human in a community and a world created by the God of love?

These daily prompts will create space for action and reflection. You can share your reflections online at and on social media with #RiversideAdvent.

Happy Advent,

Pastor Amy