Book Study: Sabbath Economics

Sabbath Economics

9:30 am | July 22 • July 29 • August 5 | 318 MLK

We have spent the last few weeks reflecting on biblical concepts of Sabbath and Sabbath living, but what does Sabbath say about our money? Are there principles that apply to our understanding of stewardship? How might the world look if we lived out the Bible’s perspectives on Jubilee Justice and God’s dream of enough for everyone?

On July 22, we will begin a book study on two dynamic books that explore the Bible’s radical views on how we manage our resources and share our resources with our neighbors.

On July 29, we will review and discuss A Biblical Vision for Sabbath Economics by Ched Myers to learn about the biblical concept of Jubilee and how an ancient idea could inspire us to rethink our economics.

On August 5, we will discuss Sabbath Economics-Household Practices by Matthew Colwell and explore how Sabbath principles could change how we manage our resources on a day-to-day basis. Join us to continue our congregational study on Sabbath living.

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