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The Riverside Writing Group is pleased to share its 2022 Writing Poetry & Justice Anthology, featuring a foreword by award-winning poets-writers Rev. Lynn Casteel-Harper and Dr. Ryan Harper and edited by Riverside members Luvon Roberson, Maitri Butcher & Dr. Vernay Mitchell-McKnight

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Anthology Release

January, 2022 meeting on “WRITING POETRY & JUSTICE,” with fiercely justice-infused presentation by award-winning poets-writers Rev. Lynn Casteel Harper and Dr. Ryan Harper:

About the Riverside Writing Group:

For over two years, the entire world has been held hostage by the COVID pandemic, which has thrown a black light on all manner of injustice, illuminating with glowing light for all of us to see centuries-old realities of inequity, brutality, disparities in health and wealth at the same time calling us as never before to see how – literally – we cannot live in this world without affecting (or infecting) each other. Planet Earth is the one home we all share. Humanness is our irrefutable bond.

So as to offer one pathway for Riverside Church and Friends to help build community in the pandemic and in a world of heightened awareness of generations of injustice and oppression, the Riverside Writing Group was created by Luvon Roberson, Debra Bracey, Dr. Vernay Mitchell-McKnight, and Maitri Butcher, with pastoral guidance from Rev. Charlene Wingate, Adult Education Committee. Rev. Bruce Lamb leads The Riverside Church Education Ministry.

Riverside Writing Group affirms our common human connection and invites all to join us in writing – in many different styles and genres – as a powerful tool for social justice: To write words that witness and speak truth to our shared humanness.

Each Riverside Writing Group series showcases a guest presenter — well-known published writer — who focuses on a writing genre in 40-minute presentation, followed by 20-minute Q&A from participants. Riverside Writing Group then invites participants to join in four weekly prompt-based writing sessions focused on the particular writing genre, after which they may choose to read their work at our OPEN MIC Night. When feasible, we publish an anthology of work submitted by writers who participated in any component of the writing series and we launch the anthology with a book party.

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Our Mission:
The mission of Riverside Writing Group is aligned with particular aspects of the following:

The Riverside Church | Article II Mission (excerpt):
Members are called to an individual and collective quality of life that leads to personal, spiritual, and social transformation, witnessing to God’s saving purposes for all creation. Therefore, the Church pledges itself to education, reflection, and action for peace and justice and the realization of the vision of the heavenly banquet where all are loved and blessed.

Adult Education Committee of The Riverside Church | Mission Statement:
The Mission of the Riverside Church Adult Education Committee is to collaborate in the learning and planning of programs in an inclusive, interactive environment of sharing, that fosters spiritual growth, strengthens faith identity, and promotes social justice.

The key objective of Riverside Writing Group is to provide a welcoming, supportive forum for participants through specific genre-writing focus so as to express ideas, as well as voice, create, and share writings that bring to life and strengthen The Riverside Church mission and the Adult Christian Education mission.


In collaboration with TRC/Archives, our 4th justice writing series WRITING MEMOIR & JUSTICE will meet on Thursdays, 6:30pm-7:30pm, via Zoom. Here’s schedule:

Kick-off presentation by Marcia Young Cantarella — 8.11.22 (daughter of Civil Rights Movement architect Whitney Young & memoirist/author, RECOGNIZE & GIVE THANKS)

1st of 4 weekly prompt-based writing sessions — 8.18.22 Luvon lead host

2nd of 4 weekly prompt-based writing sessions — 8.25.22 Vernay lead host with TRC/Archives (Vernay to lead Q & A: What, Who, Why TRC Archives)

3rd of 4 weekly prompt-based writing sessions — 9.1.22 Elizabeth Mosier lead host

4th of 4 weekly prompt-based writing sessions — 9.8.22 Luvon lead host

OPEN MIC Night/BOOK PARTY — 9.15.22 Luvon, Vernay, Maitri, Elizabeth co-host

Call for Submissions to WRITING MEMOIR & JUSTICE our 4th Anthology series — 9.22.22 – 9.29.22

RWG: 2022 Anthology/WRITING MEMOIR & JUSTICE planned publication November/December 2022

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