Pray With Us

To God’s beloved at Riverside – Pray With Us!

We wish you and your loved ones a season filled with love and blessings.

Over the past months, the Church Council has sought a common path we all could walk as we move into the future together. At the October Council meeting, UCC Conference Minster, David Gaewski and his associate, Shernell Edney Stilley, asked us: In one sentence, what is your prayer for The Riverside Church?

Out of 17 separate sentences came one prayer that they challenged us to say each day for the next 30 days. And out of that commitment came another question: What could we accomplish if members of Riverside participated in a church-wide prayer project?

What would it be like for us all to say the same prayer simultaneously? The question inspired this invitation to you from the Council:

Pray with us. Write your one sentence prayer for Riverside and send it to us:

In Person: Place in the Riverside Church Prayer Project box at the Security Desk
By Hand: Place in the offering plate during service
By Email: Send to
By Mail: The Church Council
The Riverside Church
490 Riverside Drive
New York, NY 10027


Helped by the clergy, we will consolidate the prayers with similar sentiments into separate groups. This means we may come up with more than one, all-inclusive prayer. If so, we could have a “Prayer of the Week” or a “Prayer of the Month.” Your individual prayer will, of course, be anonymous.

By Friday, January 3rd, we will send you a prayer for your use on Epiphany, which is Monday, January 6, 2020. It will be the prayer we all will pray together for the remainder of the month. While you could say the prayer at any time, we recommend you do so at 7:00 a.m., noon, or 7:00 p.m.

To make this happen, we need you to send us your one sentence prayer for Riverside by Monday, December 23rd.

God answers our prayers. We believe and know that. But not always in the ways that we anticipate. We are in uncharted territory. Nonetheless, with confidence, we will follow where the Spirit leads and you, God’s beloved, are our companions along the way.

Grace and Peace,
Rev. Michael Livingston and The Church Council


Church Council Contact Information:

Name Contact Information
Alan Bentz-Letts
Mary Biggs
Jerome Hairston
Geraldine Howard
Irene King
Allen Kratz
Len Leach
Karen McVoy
Rueben Martinez
Marilyn Mitchell
Frank Nelson
Rick O’Keefe
Challon Perry
Christian Rojas
Desi Ruiz
Phil Salmon
Howard Sanders