Thursday, December 6:
Justice Long Overdue

Thursday, December 6 | 6:00 pm | Assembly Hall

The Riverside Prison Ministry is partnering with Releasing Aging People in Prison (RAPP) for an event that discusses the lessons learned from the successful release of people serving life in prison in Maryland and New York. 

Join us for this unique event examining the effects of lengthy and life sentences in Maryland, New York, and across the country. Our panels will include speakers who have come home after decades in prison, who will be joined by family members, policy makers, and community activists as we explore the opportunities we have right now to bring people home, reunite children with their parents, shorten sentences, invest in effective programs and strengthening communities, all while saving millions of dollars.

The event is coordinated and sponsored by: Release Aging People in Prison (RAPP), the Justice Policy Institute, the Center for Justice at Columbia University, The Osborne Association, the Columbia Justice Lab, and The Riverside Church.