Creative Justice: Raising Funds & Awareness for Mozambique

When two deadly hurricanes throttled southern Africa in March, our church began visioning a project to raise funds and awareness for disaster relief in Mozambique, the hardest hit country. The youth of our church are leading this pledge, raising drive in collaboration with Black Lives Matter, the Beloved Earth Community, and the Mission & Social Justice Commission.

On Sunday, June 16th the Riverside youth group will be creating a massive mural on a continuous roll of butcher block paper in Cloister Lounge and South Hall Lobby, inviting congregants to make pledges for the amount of mural they complete in the course of this marathon session – the more the youth create, the more money our church will raise for disaster relief in Mozambique. Fill out a pledge form below or contact David Black for more information.

Funds raised in the congregation will be matched by a donation from MSJ’s Disaster Relief Fund. All funds will be donated through Direct Relief.