New Church Talk Episodes
Each Week This Summer

Join Rev. Kevin Wright and Rev. Jim Keat for weekly episodes of Church Talk, a video series designed to nurture your spiritual formation and spark conversations about the future of the church in our lives and in our world.

Episode 1: What is the Church?
Episode 2: The Church Is Not…
Episode 3: Remember the Sabbath
Episode 4: Social Justice Church
Episode 5: Pride Month and the Church
Episode 6: Mental Health
Episode 7: God Bless America?
Episode 8: Christian Civility 101
Episode 9: Jesus is a Moonwalking Bear
Episode 10: We Are Family
Episode 11: Words Create Worlds // Theology of Twitter: part 1
Episode 12: The Tweethood of All Believers // Theology of Twitter: part 2
Episode 13: God is the Tweet and You are the Hashtag // Theology of Twitter: part 3
Episode 14: Self-Care (coming soon)
Episode 15: God & Guns (coming soon)
Episode 16: TBD (coming soon)
Episode 17: Put On Your Own Mask First (coming soon)

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