Volunteers Needed! Help Asylum Seekers Being Bused to NYC from TX

Tens of thousands of legal asylum seekers have been bused from Texas to New York City over the past several months. Many were sent by Texas Gov. Abbott, and some by the Mayor of El Paso, Texas, who said it was a pressure tactic for federal immigration reform.

Most of the asylum seekers have been Venezuelans fleeing violence and economic collapse. Some have gone on to friends and family in other cities, but many remain in city shelters along with other long-time and newer New Yorkers experiencing homelessness.

Arrivals of the “migrant buses” have slowed as the Biden Administration seeks to expand Trump’s Title 42 to limit the U.S. entry of Venezuelans. While advocates for asylum seekers are still meeting buses, they are now able to give more time to assisting the thousands needing a smile, a few essentials, an advocate and help with their next step.

For example, TEAM TLC NYC, the lead nonprofit meeting migrants arriving by bus, is opening an ongoing “re-welcoming” center where asylum seekers can receive the services and supplies they are not receiving at the city shelters – contact this group for more information.

Several Riversiders have volunteered with groups assisting the migrants – contact Carol Fouke-Mpoyo for more information. If you are interested in helping migrants and others experiencing homelessness in our city, check out this list of opportunities compiled by Open Hearts Initiative.