2023 Holy Land Trip

The Riverside Church Education Commission along with The Good Shepherd Lutheran Church and former TRC Education Minister Rev. Dr. Arnold Thomas are partnering for a joint trip to the Holy Land.

July 10-18, 2023 Israel: A Journey of Faith

July 18-21, 2023 Jordan (extension)

We encourage those interested to participate in the preparation classes: 2.26.23-6.25.23. Classes are offered virtually and In-person.

Click Here to Register for Holy Land Trip Preparation Classes

For those attending classes virtually: The link will be sent via email once you have completed the registration form. For those attending classes in-person: Classes will take place at The Riverside Church, Room 411MLK. (91 Claremont Avenue, NYC 10027)

Click Here for the 2023 Holy Land Brochure

Bible Walk presents a spiritual journey from The Riverside Church to the Holy Land in 2023. We invite you from July 10-18, 2023 Israel: A Journey of Faith and July 18-21, 2023 Jordan (extension) to experience sacred places while discovering ancient landscapes and treasures that are sure to inspire your mind and body while spiritually elevating your soul. Deepen your understanding of the Bible as its stories and parables come to life when you worship and meditate at some of the Holy Land most revered historic sites. Walk in the footsteps of Jesus as we visit the places where he preached and prayed: Bethlehem, where he was born; Nazareth, his childhood home; the Jordan River, where he was baptized; Capernaum, the center of his ministry in Galilee; the Holy spaces and traditional sites of Jerusalem, where Jesus was crucified and resurrected. We will follow in his footsteps along the Via Dolorosa.

Sail the Sea of Galilee and pray at the Western Wall. Explore the archaeological site of Qumran, home to the Dead Sea Community where the oldest Scrolls of the Hebrew Bible and previously unknown religious texts were discovered.

Cross the Jordan River to visit the land where the tribes of Reuben, Gad, and Manasseh settled. Explore the ancient commercial city of Petra and Mount Nebo, where Moses saw the Promised Land and ultimately laid in his final resting place!

We encourage those interested in attending the trip to watch a recording of the trip informational meeting before registering.

 Click Here to Watch the Informational Session Video

The event is an opportunity to share information about the Spiritual Journey of a Lifetime through the Holy Land! The trip is a life-changing experience which anyone can participate in.

The trip is open to Youth, Young Adults, & Older Adults. Youth ages 16 & up, can attend without a parent/guardian by submitting a permission slip.


For more information and to Register For the Trip:

Email: Laura Harries at TRCBibleWalk@gmail.com OR by Phone: 917-267-8023