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The Theatre at Riverside    
The Riverside Theatre presents a diverse range of programming, that includes cutting edge choreography in our dance festival, heart wrenching documentaries like Congo: Red Rubber, White King, Black Death and the enchanting theatrical Orisha Tales. Bring your entire family for the NY Family Arts Festival, let your kids explore their creativity and talents in our Youth Theatre or visit one of our exhibits.

You will find many performances of dance, music and drama happening year-round. We want to engage, educate, and inspire you. Whether you want to attend original dance productions, film premieres, musicals, plays, or volunteer as an usher, The Riverside Theatre welcomes you.

The Theatre is also available for rent to produce your theater, dance, and film programs. Our traditional Proscenium Theater has an Apron extension and false proscenium legs (masking soft goods) creating full DS of curtain line with exits SR and SL. Total of 250 seats (180 raked and 70 free) located at front and rear levels. Lighting Booth located in back of house on C\L with full view of stage. Two (2) dressing rooms located off SL to accommodate 10-1 5 people each; both equipped with toilets, hot and cold sinks, and make-up mirrors with lights.

For information, call our Rentals & Programs Services office at 212.870.6766 or send them an email.

The Theatre of the Oppressed Uptown at the Riverside Church

In the Theatre of the Oppreesed (TO), "spectator" is a bad word. Jokers or practitioners of TO take their name from the joker in a deck of playing cards, avoiding adherence to rigid social or political ideology and encouraging others to become spectators who also act - "Spect-Actors."

Using the universal human language of "theatre" - the organization of human actions and passions in time and space - jokers teach others how to become more fluent in the language of theatre and the aesthetic method known as the Theatre of the Oppressed.

Theatre of the Oppressed workshops are held every Saturday 1:00-4:00 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room and are free to attend.

For More Information, please email Artistic Director Jeremiah Kyle Drake.

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