Online Ministries & Digital Media

When we can’t gather in person, we gather online. Join an online ministry or small group, watch our original video content, and listen to our latest podcasts to connect with others and cultivate faith and justice in your life.

Online Ministries & Small Groups

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Sunday Morning Worship

Riverside Sermons

A sermon comforts the disturbed and disturbs the comfortable, proclaiming the love and justice of God by any media necessary. Warm up the choir because it’s time for church as you watch these sermons from Riverside.

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The Word Made Fresh


The Word Made Fresh is a weekly video Bible study and a monthly live online Bible study small group.

Each week Rev. Jim Keat creates a short video that explores one of the upcoming lectionary passages where we look at the text, unpack a few ideas, and dive in for a conversation in the video’s comments.

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Riverside Kids Worship


Join Amanda Meisenheimer for a weekly Riverside kids worship video that is perfect for your whole family. You can watch these videos on Sunday morning or anytime throughout the week, creating space for your entire family to cultivate faith and justice together.

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Be Still and Go: Meditations for the Movement