A Loving Church

A Loving Church: Justice and Restorations is a three-week series that explores how the church can be a transforming site of loving action and experiences, contributing to increased justice in the contexts of human migration, homelessness, and trauma suffering, as each of these predicaments occurs within systems of racial, gender and other forms of oppression.

Sundays, September 12th 19th, & 26th | 9:30am-10:30am | Hybrid: 330 MLK  & Online-Zoom

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Facilitated by:

Dr. Natalia Marandiuc, Assistant Professor of Christian Theology at Southern Methodist University

A Loving Church: Justice and Restorations–Class Goals:

–Participants will become acquainted with some of the complexities of human migration, homelessness, and traumatic suffering.

–Participants will learn how each of these contexts is embedded within intersectional oppressive systems, including among others racial, gender, sexuality, economic, and disability-based oppression.

–Participants will engage in a theological framing of possibilities for justice and restoration through love, centering the incarnation of God in Christ.

Week 1: Loving the Migrants

–Who are the migrants and why do they migrate?

–Jesus the migrant

–Loving justice that restores migrant lives

Week 2: Loving the Homeless

–What does home mean?

–How is homelessness related to systemic injustice?

–Love and home: Jesus’s radically inclusive banquet

Week 3: Loving and Trauma

–A primer on trauma and the unmaking of the self

–Trauma in gendered & racially constructed bodies

–Healing love