The Courage to Show Up: A Response from Rev. Dr. Cheryl Dudley

I was among the energy in the sanctuary of The Riverside Church in the City of New York the first day of February when social activist DeRay Mckesson and heart listener Brené Brown sat face to face, meeting only moments before in the chancel of the august church. The nave was filled to the rafters, floor and the two ascending balconies therein. Pastor Amy Butler served as a prompter host to interesting conversation the two were having as if only between each other in a fishbowl with thousands of voyeurs. Interesting that that relationship that began on social media would be oblivious to the audience – or more interested in the conversation between the two of them than the onlookers who responded in kind to the pointed and poignant comments between them. To those who are not versed or attuned to Twitter, the conversation that unfolded between the two is news.

Privilege, fear, shame, guilt, hope. What is it that we hide in our hearts most that needs to be revealed? I hope it is hope! Blessings to those who have the courage to respectfully have difficult conversations in public or in private, for they shall be called keepers of the covenant of creation.

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The Rev. Dr. Cheryl Dudley is the Regional Executive Minister of the American Baptist Churches of Metro New York.

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