Solidarity Fast: Sunrise Climate Activists Hunger Strike for Reconciliation Bill

What does it take to prevent climate catastrophe? What are you willing to sacrifice?

Five members of the Sunrise Movement, a nation-wide youth environmental activist organization, have begun a hunger strike on Wednesday, October 20 in front of the White House to call Congress to pass President Biden’s reconciliation bill. This legislation includes the Clean Energy Payment Program (or CEPP) to induce power plants to switch from fossil fuels to clean energy, and also includes many programs to help end poverty such as child care credits, free community college, and increased Social Security benefits.

The Sunrise Movement is calling on Americans to join a Solidarity Fast (water-only) from Thursday, October 21 at sunrise to Friday, October 22 at sunrise in support of the hunger strikers, and also for a strike of high-school and college youth on Friday along with the organization, Fridays For Future. The Riverside Church, in obedience to its mission as a “Sustainable Earth Community Congregation,” encourages its members to participate in these actions as they are able. The Church recalls Jesus’ words that whoever would save their life will lose it, and whoever would lose their life will save it. As one hunger striker said, in words echoing the Bible, our nation is faced with a choice between two paths: life or death. Choose life that you and your children may live.

Click here for more information on the Sunrise Movement.

Also, please call your representative to pass the Build Back Better Bill (the “reconciliation” bill)¬†¬†that protects the climate and improves the lives of low income and middle class Americans of all ages in education, child care, health, housing, employment benefits and more. It is a social safety net bill for millions.”