Senior Minister Search Committee Update | May 2022

Dear Riverside Family,

Greetings, church! The Search Committee has received a multitude of gifts by way of applications for our Senior Minister position. While we feel the weight of our awesome task, each gift is received with a spirit of hopefulness.  Our eleven-member committee has reviewed curriculum vitas and resumes, minister profiles and letters of interest, statements of faith and theological reflections, church newsletters and published articles, letters of recommendation and sermons—and sermons and more sermon!  Our discernment process includes interviews, sharing table fellowship, gathering for worship and hearing the word proclaimed with a selected group of finalists.

To those who fear that the church is dying, the Search Committee declares with the fullness of faith that God is moving in phenomenal ways through the body of Christ.  Our applicants have displayed impressive pastoral experience and educational preparation, but most of all a vision for the church. We are bearing witness to the Spirit of Christ accomplishing miracles, not only in the church, but in the public square and in world.

As committee co-chair, Emily Anderson has put it, “I feel we are on the Emmaus Road and we are hopeful and full of faith that Jesus our Lord will come by and walk with us the rest of the way!” We give thanks to you, people of Riverside, for lifting us up in prayer as we continue our discernment.

Blessings of the Resurrection to you in this season of hope and joy!

With God’s grace,

Alexa, Andrea, Annie, Beth, David, Emily, Hylda, Karissa, Lee, Lisa, and Mark