Sacred Togetherness

A Call for Interfaith Solidarity Fasts and Donations During Ramadan and Holy Week


At the start of Ramadan, the Interfaith Center of New York, in collaboration with the Gambian Youth Organization, Afrikana, and the Bridging Culture Group, initiated a program aimed at providing culturally and religiously appropriate meals to asylum seekers attending mosques. Identifying 23 mosques with significant needs, the program supplied approximately 4,000 meals in total throughout Ramadan.

However, recent developments have significantly expanded the program’s reach. Through a successful crowdsourcing campaign led by NYU, the Gambian Youth Organization secured nearly $200,000 in additional funds. Working closely with local restaurants, efforts are underway to allocate these funds to provide approximately 20,000 meals (2,000 meals each) to nearby mosques facing high demand. Despite these efforts, the demand for food assistance remains daunting. ICNY continues its fundraising endeavors, aspiring to extend meal support to all 23 mosques within its network, recognizing the existence of other mosques outside their network also catering to asylum seekers.

In response to this pressing need, the Comptroller’s office, in collaboration with ICNY and The Riverside Church, is issuing a call to the faith community to unite in “Sacred Togetherness.” This initiative urges interfaith solidarity through fasting and donations during Ramadan and Holy Week.

In both Christianity and Islam, traditions of Almsgiving and Fasting hold significance. Almsgiving fosters community bonds and facilitates participation in social change and renewal. Fasting, meanwhile, encourages introspection and aligns hearts with the desire for justice and equity in the world, envisioning a future where hunger and thirst are eradicated. These practices offer opportunities to deepen awareness of food insecurity and social injustice, particularly affecting low-income families, the homeless, and asylum seekers in our city.

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Join us in solidarity with our Muslim siblings by fasting together! Experience the unity of breaking your fast in “Sacred Togetherness.”

If fasting isn’t possible for you, consider donating the amount you would typically spend on lunch or dinner to The Interfaith Center’s Welcome NYC program. This initiative aims to ease the logistical and financial challenges faced by mosques in New York City by providing Iftar and Suhoor meals.

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Volunteer your time with the Muslim Community Network and NYC Comptroller’s Iftar on the Go Program.

While Lent and Ramadan will soon conclude, food insecurity remains a significant and enduring challenge. Your donation is just the beginning. Join us in advocating for ample, nutritious, and culturally suitable food for all New Yorkers throughout the year. Sign up for MSJ’s Weekly newsletter and follow ICNY’s Advocacy Blog to stay informed about how you can continue your engagement in social justice work.

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