Religion News Service: “From Rockettes to Riverside”

From Rockettes to Riverside: Senior minister Adriene Thorne leads NYC church

Journalist Adelle M. Banks interviewed Rev. Adriene Thorne right after her September 17th installation. Read an excerpt of the article below:

“Depending on the week, when the Rev. Adriene Thorne steps up to the prominent pulpit of New York’s Riverside Church, she invites people to hum, stretch or roll their shoulders before she starts her sermon.

“We’re creating space in our bodies, but also space in our spirit, to receive the message for the day,” she explained in an interview Wednesday (Sept. 20), days after her installation service. “Sometimes the stories in the Bible are traumatic. They are brothers fighting each other. And so creating some room and settling ourselves to receive that is really helpful for the message that I’m going to bring.”

The senior minister knows about the spiritual as well as the physical. Years before pursuing her call to ministry, she danced with the Rockettes five miles away at Radio City Music Hall.”

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