Racial Justice is on the Midterm Ballot

Whether you vote early or on Nov. 8, be sure to flip your ballot over and vote YES on Ballot Proposals 2, 3 and 4 to demand racial equity and an end to systemic racism in New York City government. While change does not happen overnight, the three amendments to the NYC Charter give city government unambiguous instructions to pursue racial justice and equity for all New Yorkers:

  • Prop. 2 adds a Preamble to the NYC Charter, a statement of values and vision.
  • Prop. 3 requires far-reaching structural changes to the NYC government.
  • Prop. 4 requires the NYC government to measure the true cost of living and thus the actual costs of meeting essential needs.

For full information, click “Take Action” at racialjustice.cityofnewyork.usWhile you are there:

> “Take the Pledge” promising to “flip your ballot over” and vote for the three NYC Charter amendments on the back of your ballot.

This effort is endorsed by Riverside’s Mission and Social Justice Commission and Antiracism Taskforce, which also encourage you to vote YES on Prop. 1 – Clean Water, Clean Air, and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act of 2022.

Early voting is Oct. 29-Nov. 6!!