Riverside Lift Every Voice & Vote Campaign

What Is it?

Riverside’s Lift Every Voice and Vote ministry challenges every church member to respond to the urgency of the moment. Let us work together to make sure that every American citizen is heard in NYC, in the state and across the nation!


As followers of Christ, we are called to care for all of creation, the earth we inhabit and its inhabitants. We are called to fight for climate justice and to stand by and speak on behalf of those who suffer from all systems of oppression and disadvantage. We are at a critical moment in our society where we have to make the choice between apathy or action guided by our faith so that the Christian vision of a just social order and a BELOVED COMMUNITY are realized.

Actions You Can Take Right Now that Make a Difference:

  • Make sure that you are registered to vote. To our children and youth, make sure your parents and other adult family members are registered to voteCheck registration status on www.vote.orgHave a plan of action to cast your ballot. If you plan to vote by mail, request and mail your ballot as early as possible.
  • You can now request to obtain an absentee ballot in New York State due to COVID-19. NY City residents, go to https://nycabsentee.com to apply for an absentee ballot that you can mail in. For other NYS residents, go to www.vote.org. Make sure to check the “Temporary Illness” box for this purpose.
  • Encourage your family members and friends in ALL STATES to check their registration status and to have a plan to vote. The best resource for voting information and volunteer opportunities in all states is: www.damemagazine.com/2020-voter-info. Other excellent resources may be found by clicking here
  • Volunteer with organizations to turn out voters in states where there is under-voting and voter suppression. Click here for a list of organizations.
  • Sign up to be a non-partisan poll monitor here: https://protectthevote.net. Provide assistance at the polls to help people vote without obstruction or intimidation. The organization 866OURVOTE will provide training for you. If you are an attorney, you can look for other volunteer opportunities at https://electionprotection.wetheaction.org
  • Contact your representatives in the State Senate and State Assembly to advocate for drop boxes at https://letnyvote.org/take-action.
  • In NYC, volunteer to phone bank, text bank, or share on social media to provide voting information at: https://nycvotes.nyccfb.info/volunteerThere are also events here: https://nycvotes.nyccfb.info/events you may be interested in signing up for.
  • Please fill out your Census and urge family and friends to do the same at https://my2020census.gov or over the phone toll-free by dialing 844.330.2020 (English) or 844.468.2020 (Spanish).
  • Call your U.S. Congressional Representatives to honor the original deadline of October 31 to complete the Census and to extend to the end of the year. 

If you want to get involved and help in our efforts, please contact Sumati Devadutt or Rueben Martinez of the Mission & Social Justice Commission.