Riverside Lift Every Voice & Vote Campaign

Lift Every Voice and Vote is ready to engage the Riverside community in the critical NYC elections coming up in June and November.

To begin, there is a mayoral forum on Sunday, May 2 at 3:00 pm ET. Click here to find out more and register to attend.

Candidates scheduled to appear so far are Ray McGuire, Maya Wiley, Eric Adams, Scott Stringer, Shaun Donovan, and Kathryn Garcia.

More information on dates for primary, ranked choice voting, early voting, registration and absentee ballot request deadlines will follow shortly.

What is Lift Every Voice and Vote?
Riverside’s Lift Every Voice and Vote ministry challenges every church member to respond to the urgency of the moment. Let us work together to make sure that every American citizen is heard in NYC, in the state and across the nation!

Why do we need to engage in local elections?
These elections determine the allocation of resources and decisions made on programs that affect NYC residents. As people of faith we are called to care for all of creation, the earth we inhabit and its inhabitants. We are called to fight for climate justice and to stand by and speak on behalf of those who suffer from all systems of oppression and disadvantage. We are at a critical moment in our society where we have to make the choice between apathy or action guided by our faith so that the Christian vision of a just social order and a Beloved Community are realized.

If you want to get involved and help in our efforts, please contact Sumati Devadutt or Rueben Martinez of the Mission & Social Justice Commission.