Lament for the Land

Climate Justice Lament Prayer

God, we lament that greed, profit and power have led the way in place of sustainable concern.
We lament the exploitation of land and people in place of tender care.
We lament the abuse of resources, animals, and people.
We lament the loss of any species that you created.
We lament the hurt and pain we caused to peoples and cultures through cultural genocide.
But God, we know that the story does not have to end like this.
Grant us hope as we work for restoration and justice!
Grant us the courage to stand up for righteousness and peace!
Grant us the strength to resist ideologies of exploitation and abuse.
Restore us and make us agents of restoration for your World and all that is within it.
Set things to rights.
Through the cruciform power of Christ, I pray,

A Prayer for Children and the Environment

Loving Lord, your word reminds us how much you value and love children. We pray for the climate crisis and the devastating impact on children’s lives and future generations.

We thank you for young people and their passion and conviction to care for and protect your world for the common good. We pray that their actions and words will be taken seriously.

We ask that as adults, we’ll strive to protect the world that they will grow up in. We thank you for Compassion’s local church partners and for the amazing work that they are doing to protect your precious ecosystems, children, and their communities.


The Beloved Earth Community calls the Riverside community to protest the climate crisis and care for the Earth through educational programs, greening the church, changing our lifestyles, and courageous political action. Click here to learn more.