Volunteers Needed! Help Asylum Seekers Being Bused to NYC from TX

Have you seen the news? Texas Gov. Abbott says he’s busing asylum seekers north as a pressure tactic for federal immigration reform. But advocates for immigrants say dumping thousands of legal asylum seekers without a plan uses innocent people as political pawns. To Abbott, the asylum seekers are a problem that he is trying to shift away from the Texas-Mexico border. To us, they are HUMAN BEINGS in need of our hospitality – a smile, a few essentials, help with their next step.

What YOU can do? Become a Volunteer Greeter!

Just a few hours of your time will mean the world to the asylum seekers who arrive hungry, exhausted and disoriented after several days on a bus, usually with only a small backpack. A group called TEAM TLC NYC is leading the volunteer effort. Several Riversiders already are helping meet the “Abbott buses,” with volunteer shifts usually starting around 6 or 7 a.m. and lasting about four hours. Please note all arrangements are subject to change.

Tasks include setting up, serving breakfast, distributing clothing and toiletries, and helping new arrivals either travel on to join family or to access New York City social services.  The NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs has medical and legal staff on site for those who need them. Click below for more volunteer information:

Learn More & Sign Up to Volunteer

Note: Spanish language ability valuable but not required.

Donate Needed Items

Email Carol Gross or Ilze Thielman to learn how to donate needed items or order directly from this Target gift registry.

This volunteer opportunity is coordinated by Grannies Respond and its Team TLC NYC and supported by Riverside’s Sojourners Ministry, which extends friendship and practical support to asylum seekers and other vulnerable immigrants in and outside of immigrant detention. For more information, please email Riverside’s MSJ and Sojourners contacts Frances Connell and Carol Fouke-Mpoyo.