Visitors: Mask Requirement Continues at Riverside

Mask Mandates at The Riverside Church – Updated June 16, 2021

The Governor’s Office announced that as New York has hit the 70% adult vaccination threshold, almost all state-mandated restrictions on businesses and social gatherings have been lifted effective immediately – no longer will the state require capacity limits, social distancing, disinfection protocols and health screenings. New York’s health guidelines continue to be in effect for large-scale indoor event venues (defined as those holding more than 5,000 attendees), pre-K to grade 12 schools, public transit, homeless shelters, correctional facilities, nursing homes, and health care settings per CDC guidelines. In addition, private facilities can impose additional requirements as they see fit.

The Riverside Church is more than a church – we host many individuals currently ineligible for vaccination, including children of all ages via our Weekday School, Riverside Hawks, and youth programs. We are also a gathering place for older adults and other vulnerable populations. Because of this, Riverside’s Security and Building staff will continue to remind visitors and tenants that masks must be worn in all public areas of the Church except for private offices. These areas include:

• Upon entering and exiting the building, and approaching the Security Desk.
• In the Nave, South Hall, South Hall Lobby, Assembly Hall, and Theatre.
• In all meeting rooms and classrooms.
• In all lobby areas.
• In all elevators and elevator lobbies.
• In the Mailroom.
• In all public restrooms.
• Traveling between floors while using staircases.
• ANY and ALL common areas in the building.

Tenants may decide how and when masks are necessary in their private offices.

Thank you for your cooperation.

What if I feel sick or test positive for COVID-19?

1. STAY HOME! If you feel sick, even with only mild symptoms, please stay home and do not enter The Riverside Church.

2. If you believe you have been exposed to or have contracted COVID-19, please quarantine yourself for 14 days and get tested.

3. STAFF: Contact Riverside Human Resources immediately at

4. TENANTS OR REGULAR VISITORS: Contact Riverside Operations Staff immediately if you or a member of your team has been inside The Riverside Church within one (1) week or less prior to feeling ill or testing positive:

¿Qué Pasa Si Me Siento Enfermo o Prueba Positivo Para COVID-19?

1. ¡QUEDARSE EN CASA! Si se siente enfermo, incluso con síntomas leves, quédese en casa y no entre a la Riverside Church.

2. Si cree que ha estado expuesto o ha contraído COVID-19, póngase en cuarentena durante 14 días y hágase la prueba.

3. PARA EL PERSONAL: Comuníquese con Recursos Humanos del Riverside Church inmediatamente:

4. INQUILINOS O VISITANTES REGULARES: Comuníquese con el personal de operaciones de Riverside de inmediato si usted o un miembro de su equipo ha estado dentro de The Riverside Church dentro de una (1) semana o menos antes de sentirse enfermo o dar positivo: