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The Riverside Church in the City of New York is a Christian community of faith. As followers of Jesus Christ, we ground our embodied justice belief in the understanding that all people are made in the image of a loving God regardless of how they name God or if they name God at all.

As people of faith, we condemn all attacks on human life and stand always committed to that which supports life for all siblings living in the Holy Land. Simultaneously, we refuse to pick one baby over another baby or one grandpa over another grandpa. We honor the sacredness of all human life and mourn those killed in the ongoing violence – Muslims, Christians, and Jews.

We join our hearts with far too many who are heartbroken over the brutal attacks in Israel on October 7, 2023. We grieve the loss of Jewish lives, the many people taken hostage and kept from their families, and the atrocious physical and sexual assaults on women and children. Our long and deep relationships with Jewish communities and leaders mean that we stand with Jewish people in the USA and abroad and condemn attacks on them for reasons of religion, ethnicity, and culture.

We also refuse to be silent in the face of the current massacre of Palestinians in Gaza, far too many of whom are children. We grieve the loss of Palestinian lives. Those Palestinians who have managed to avoid the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) bombs are now homeless, hungry, and heartbroken. Everything is destroyed – schools, hospitals, and hope. We hear from Palestinian Christians in the occupied strip that they face extinction, and we do not believe a God-loving people would continue this unholy attempt at annihilation.

The Riverside Church in the City of New York calls for a permanent and immediate cease-fire, and we encourage all people of faith and lovers of life to do the same. We also recognize the geopolitical conflicts and genocides happening the world over and pray the day will soon come when all God’s people live in peace and harmony.


  • Call, e-mail, and connect with your elected officials.
  • Sign petitions and write letters:  Remember that signing petitions and writing letters have the power to change the minds of elected officials. Elected officials are terrified that disgruntled voters will vote them out of office. Let them know where you stand.
  • Show up and turn out:  Remember that mass actions have the power to change the minds of elected officials. Show up when asked to turn out for this and other justice issues.

Check out our webpage often for updates about where we are needed and what we are doing to show up for love and justice in a lost and broken world so loved by God.


As a result of April’s letter writing campaign, join Christians from across NYC on Wednesday, May 29th, to deliver ceasefire letters to key representatives: Yvette Clarke, Dan Goldman, Jerry Nadler, and Adriano Espaillat. Together, we’ve gathered over 400 letters, and it’s time to deliver them in person.  The Riverside Church, Middle Church, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian and other NYC churches are participating.

Despite our requests for appointments being denied, we’re embarking on a “pilgrimage for ceasefire” to their offices. We’ll pray outside and deliver the letters in person. You’re welcome to join us for any or all of these deliveries. Please note that times are approximate:

  • 9:30 AM: Rep Yvette Clarke – 222 Lenox Rd in Brooklyn
  • 10:45 AM: Rep Dan Goldman – 340A 9th St. in Brooklyn
  • 11:45 AM: Rep Jerry Nadler – 201 Varick St. in Manhattan
  • 12:30 PM: Rep Adriano Espaillat – 163 W. 125th St. in Manhattan

To keep up with our whereabouts on the day, join this WhatsApp Group that we’ll use specifically for this delivery. If you don’t have WhatsApp, the link will guide you through downloading it.

Please bring:

  • A Metro card: We’ll use public transit between offices, so please plan accordingly. If cost is an issue, let us know, and we’ll make arrangements to cover your costs.
  • ID: If we’re allowed into any of the offices, they will require our ID. If you don’t have one, don’t worry! We’ll find roles for everyone.
  • Religious clothing if you’re clergy. We’ll also have signs available saying “Christian for Ceasefire” that you can carry if you’d like.
  • Water and snacks for the journey!

April 2024: For congregations in NYC to use their voices for peace by writing and gathering letters to our elected officials to tell them  that, as Christians, we call for a permanent and immediate ceasefire in Gaza, an end to the blockade of Gaza, and for all hostages to be returned. Together, let’s send 100 letters to our representatives.

Ceasefire Letter Writing Tool Kit



Join us for the Pilgrimage of Lament on March 14th, 2024, during the first week of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. We’ll gather at the Isaiah Wall (E. 43rd St. & United Nations Plaza, New York, NY 10017) at 11:00 AM. Dress in black and join us in silent solidarity as we walk around E 44th and 45th Street, between 1st and 2nd Ave, passing the US Mission to the UN. Each lap represents the 25-mile length of the Gaza Strip. Signs provided, accommodations for mobility concerns. Let’s mourn lives lost and call for an end to violence. Events worldwide.

Click Here to find and event near you.


Join us on March 18th, 2024 from 1-2 PM in front of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office as Senior Minister Rev. Adriene Thorne delivers an appeal for a permanent cease fire. With her stirring words, let’s come together in solidarity, urging for an end to violence and the establishment of lasting peace. Together, we can make a difference and pave the way for a brighter future for all.

Join our letter campaign from March 13-18. The clergy and congregation letter is scheduled for delivery on March 18th to the offices of both Senators Schumer and Gillibrand. We seek faith leaders and congregations to send letters urging their House and Senate representatives to call for a cease fire in the Middle East. Alongside online letter sending, we’ll organize in-person delivery of letters, aiming for widespread participation.

Click Here to learn more.

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January 18, 2024

Earlier this month, The Riverside Church joined 74 other organizations in signing a letter to U.S. Senators in support of Resolution 504. This letter had substantial impact, with 11 Senators voting in favor of this historic resolution, including New York Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer. Read the full letter here.


Jewish Voice for Peace

MPower Change


November 8, 2023

Rev. Adriene Thorne shared the stage with leaders like Dr. Cornell West, Rev. Jamal Bryant, Rev. Mark Thompson, Rev. Stephen Green, Ahmed Abuznaid of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, Elena Stein of the Jewish Voice for Peace, The Arab American Association of New York, Mpower Change, Freedom March NYC and more for the New York march in support of a #CeaseFireNow. Rev. Thorne led the rally with a meditation and a prayer.


December 17, 2023

November 14, 2023

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