Virtual Clothing Sale

Riverside’s Social Services is proud to launch its Virtual Clothing Sale, where you can shop for high-quality, gently-used clothing anytime – with all proceeds benefitting our Social Services programs! Explore our shop and support the ongoing work of our Social Services programs:

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Our Social Services programs are designed to respond to the physical needs of our neighbors who may be lacking the basic subsistence of life by offering efficient, effective, and comprehensive delivery of food, shelter, clothing, and support services to persons in need.

Riverside’s Clothing Distribution (Closet) provides clothing, footwear, winter coats, business and professional attire, bedding, and small household items to individuals in need.  Last year, the Ministry provided 7,657 people with free clothing. 

The generosity of donors makes it possible to conduct our semiannual clothing drives, which help to support and sustain the Social Services programs throughout the year. 

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