Riverside Sunday Suppers

Sunday Suppers are a monthly opportunity designed to allow our Riverside family to spend time together and deepen connections across our membership. During this time of physical distancing join us for an online opportunity to sit across the table from people via Zoom whose faces you may only recognize from the passing of the peace.

As we all become more acclimated to life with social distancing, we are creating a new togetherness. Please join us for our first Sunday Supper via Zoom on Sunday, 28 June at 6:30 pm. I like to call it “Sunday Zupper!”

Here is how it will go: We ask everyone to have their meal ready by the 6:30 pm start time. Thanks to Wiltona, one of our new members, for the fantastic idea to make the meal something near-and-dear to your heart, like a family recipe, cultural dish, or favorite take-out. We will all connect very much like the virtual coffee hour on Sunday for an opening table blessing. Then we will be divided into multiple Zupper rooms (as the numbers allow) to eat and share as we would do at any dinner party.