Revive Us, O Lord
Sundays, April 28 – June 2

Following Easter Sunday, we will begin an exciting six week series in worship on welcoming revival and newness of life in our personal lives, our life together as a church, and as members of the global family. We’ll be diving into the Gospel of John as we highlight practices like forgiveness, telling the truth, healing and being witnesses. During these six weeks we’ll enjoy music from the Boyd Family Singers, remember the 50th anniversary of the Black Manifesto, celebrate Mother’s Day, and radically recommit ourselves and our church to being God’s “Easter” people in the world.

Sunday, April 28: Forgive
Preacher: Pastor Amy Butler

Sunday, May 5: Believe
Preacher: Pastor Amy Butler

Sunday, May 12: Tell the Truth
Preacher: Rev. Christian Peele

Sunday, May 19: Love One Another
Preacher: Pastor Amy Butler

Sunday, May 26: Healing
Preacher: Rev. Debra Northern

Sunday, June 2: Ascension
Preacher: Rev. Alisha Gordon

The Boyd Family Singers

Dubbed a “modern von Trapp family” by their fans, John and his nine children have been singing and warming the hearts of NY residents and tourists in Central Park since 2007. Over the years, the group has expanded to include several classical musicians and additional singers. Once known to Central Park visitors as The Boyd’s for Praise or The Boyd Family, Peace Industry Music Group was recently established by John Boyd to reflect the growing nature and scope of the ensemble. Peace Industry Music Group is a unique ensemble of singers and musicians from different nationalities, all promoting the idea of peace through Christ, uplifting music and tranquil sound.

Infinity’s Song was created in response to a demand for more acoustic sounds in wholesome and uplifting young adult music. In the beginning the group was comprised of Victory, Abraham and Angel Boyd, performing simple songs with just acoustic guitar and their voices. Israel and Thalia Mosaia later joined the group, and significantly added to the bands rich intricate harmonies.

Victory Boyd’s music is a fusion between Soul music and Folk Music. Whether Victory is performing classics or original compositions, she has a way of tailoring each song with her voice and guitar to fit her unique style. Some people say that Victory is in the lane of Tracy Chapman, Roberta Flack, and Nina Simone. But beyond those three, Victory brings an entirely new youthful element to the music world, an indescribable spiritual depth mixed with her youthful interpretation of sound influencing her artistic expressions. Moreover, Victory colors a lot of her musical arrangements with rich jazz chords as she is rooted and grounded in Jazz tradition.