A Letter from Pastor Amy and Brad Jones

In the Gospel of Luke, Jesus compares the kingdom of God to yeast that a woman took and mixed with flour until it was leavened. We are a community blessed with tremendous resources. The question before us is not how do we maximize our investments, but how do we use our abundance of gifts to further the work of God in the world? How do we ensure our flour is leavened to help move us a little closer to the inbreaking kingdom of God?

As many of you are aware, this past fall we completed the purchase of McGiffert Hall, the building located on the northeast corner of our property. For the first time in our 90-year history, we are able to determine the course for our full two city blocks. This is a significant moment for our congregation, full of opportunity to provide for our future sustainability while reimagining the ways in which we can contribute to our community and city. Now is the time for us to look at our whole presence in our neighborhood, to take a deep, long inventory, and to think creatively and collaboratively about what God has in mind for the future of The Riverside Church.

To that end, we are pleased to announce the members of the Riverside Development Committee. The Committee is charged with leading the congregation over the next three years in exploring our mission and vision and developing a plan that leverages our tremendous resources and aligns our financial sustainability with the positive social impact we hope to in the world.

The members of the Committee are:

Chair of the Church Council – currently Brad Jones

  • Karen Diggs
  • Alexa Donaphin
  • Ken Eisner
  • Charles King, Co-Chair of the Committee
  • Rev. Michael Livingston
  • Lakeisha McCoy
  • Isaac Myers III
  • Jean Schmidt, Co-Chair of the Committee
  • Regina Tate
  • Forrest Taylor
  • Rev. Rachel Johnson

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Each of the members of the Committee brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this very important project, including experience in architecture, tax and accounting, community-building, low-income housing development, creative writing, legal, residential real estate rentals and sales, finances, marketing, entrepreneurship, communication, and ministry.

We are so very grateful for their willingness to serve.

The Committee has already hit the ground running. In May a team made up of Committee members, representatives from the congregation, and staff will travel to London to engage in an intensive Design Lab with a social innovation firm called Matryoshka Haus. As you will see from their letter below, the Committee is eager for the congregation to be involved as we undertake this significant project involving our mission, resources, and the future we dream for our two blocks. We encourage you to reach out to the Committee.

Amy Butler, Senior Minister

Brad Jones, Chair of Church Council

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