Mary in History and Culture: A Multi-faceted Reflection of Mary

November 22 -December 20 | 9:30-10:30am  | Zoom | Facilitated by Various Teacher

This class is a collaboration of multiple women in the TRC community. We seek to offer a timely look at Mary in this Advent season expanding our community’s understanding of the role Mary plays in our theological framework and lives. Team taught, this Advent class will explore various perspectives of Mary, the mother of Jesus. Beginning with early theological, European developments, we will then explore an array of contemporary interpretations of Mary, her life, and her relevance to us.

November 22nd: Traditional European perspective.

November 29th: A Womanist perspective.

December 6th: A Latina perspective.

December 13th: Mary’s role within discipleship and the aging journey.

December 20th: A Contemporary Feminist perspective.