Lead a Small Group at Riverside

Small groups are a crucial part of Riverside’s efforts to form people into followers of Jesus Christ that transform and heal the world. Our small group participants study the Bible, explore deep theological questions, and wrestle with contemporary issues through a lens of faith. These groups only take place through the dedication of leaders who step forward and offer their time to facilitate these experiences.

You are invited to prayerfully consider leading a Riverside Small Group in the upcoming seasons. If you are interested in helping other people grow closer to God and to each other, please consider facilitating a group. Your group can read a book together, study the Bible, or discuss a topic of contemporary importance. If you are interested in leading a group but do not have a topic in mind, contact Rev. Bruce Lamb at blamb@trcnyc.org and he will be happy to walk with you through a discernment process.

If you’re ready to suggest a small group idea, you can do so by filling out the form below. Thanks for your willingness to consider this exciting opportunity!