Upper Manhattan Community Strengths and Needs Assessment Survey

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As part of Riverside’s outreach programs, we have launched the Upper Manhattan Community Strengths and Needs Assessment survey.  This survey is commissioned by our Community Assessment & Partnership Subcommittee (CAPS), a community-based subcommittee of the Riverside Development Committee (RDC). CAPS seeks to connect people and resources in the Upper Manhattan community – an expanse stretching from 96th to 180th Streets, and from the East River to the Hudson River – focusing on:

– Engagement with local stakeholders in Town Halls and Focus Groups to broaden our understanding of the quality of existing services in our community or the lack thereof.

– Surveying to gain insight into what residents and businesses think and know about their community. To help us do that, we contracted with Qualtrics, an experienced global survey and analytics company, to create a survey in both English and Spanish (surveyors/translators are also available to translate the survey into French and Chinese). The survey focuses on:

o     Housing
o     Employment
o     Technology & Internet Access
o     Broad & Specific Issues around Social Justice & Inequality
o     Health & Health Care
o     Food Insecurity
o     Recreation (parks, walking paths, gyms, etc.)
o     Religious Communities
o     Demographics

– Partnering with organizations who share a common vision, mission, goals, and values, and who have a genuine interest in and commitment to the community. Recognizing the strengths and contributions of all partners and the value of shared resources and responsibility.

– Reporting our findings, along with insights and recommendations, to both the community and The Riverside Church.

The survey is a critical tool to glean important information and affirm Riverside’s ongoing commitment over our first 90 years to worship, social services, and social justice within our local community, nation, and world. Riverside and the RDC are in the process of strategic planning for our Next 90 Years, and the survey is essential to helping us integrate the voices of our diverse, culturally rich residents and businesses.

Take The Survey

如果您需要用中文完成此次问卷调查,请致电 201-932-2842

Si vous désirez participer à cette enquête en français, veuillez nous contacter à ce numéro de telephone 201-474-7853

Si quisieras tomar esta encuesta en español por favor llame a 201-844-8793; 201-564-5380