Baptisms & Dedications

Baptism is an outward and visible sign of God’s grace. Inasmuch as God’s promise of new life extends to both children and adults, the baptismal water signifies the cleansing and renewing presence of God’s Holy Spirit in the life of us all. Baptism ushers us into the care of Christ’s church, affirms us, regardless of age, as children of God, and celebrates our nurture and growth toward mature faith and Christian discipleship.

The dedication of infants traces its origin to the dedication (or presentation) of Jesus in the Jerusalem Temple by his parents shortly after his birth, where he was blessed by Simeon (Luke 2:25-32).

The Riverside Church practices both infant baptism by sprinkling and believer’s baptism by sprinkling or immersion. Dedications are also offered as an option to infant baptisms for parents wishing their children the choice to ultimately be baptized as believers. Those seeking baptism or dedication should either be or plan to become members of the church, and are required to attend a Baptism/Dedication Workshop prior to the baptism. We practice the dedication of infants and toddlers and baptism, by immersion or sprinkling, of adults, children and infants on the second Sunday of most months.

If you or child have not been baptized and desire baptism, please complete this form:

If you would like information about Baptism or Baby Dedication, please phone the Ministry of Education office at 212.870.6833.