April 22: Conversation with the Candidates

Sunday, April 22 | 12:30 pm | South Hall

Bring your coffee into South Hall and join us for our annual Conversation with the Candidates as you get to know the congregants running for Lay Leadership positions. The gathering will begin with space to connect individuals running for the various commissions and committees at tables around South Hall and will end with a moderated conversation with the candidates for Church Council.

2018 Candidates

Budget & Planning – 3 openings

Lakeisha McCoy
Michael Ellis
Patrick Mouton
Kwesi McDavid
Allen W. Kratz

Church Council – 5 openings

Dr. Frank Nelson
Dr. Kurt Karandy Adams
Jacqueline Hopkins
Christian Rojas
Dr. Challon Perry
Sandy Thomas
Rev. Dr. Alan Bentz-Letts
Eugene Melino
Dr. Tony O. Job
Sonia Ingram

Education – 5 openings (one is a two year term)

David Jensen
Charmae Lewis
Rueben Martinez
Adelaide E. Sackeyfio
Robin Veenstra-VanderWeele

Membership Care & Parish Life – 5 openings (one is a two year term)

Hillary Puckett
Carolyn Bland
Danielle Griffin
LaSonya Thompson
Patricia Pell
Dr. Hsien-yu Wang
Stefany Blyn Jacobs

Mission & Social Justice – 5 openings (one is a two year term)

Angela Aidala
Victoria Anderson
Karen Diggs
Kate Sullivan
Jeremiah K. Drake
Jocardo Ralston
Marissa Jackson Sow
Sumati Devadutt

Nominating Committee – 4 openings

Eleanor (Nora) Campbell
Kevin Bentley
Una Tapper

Worship – 4 openings

Michael Winger
Becca Kesting
Anna Meyer
Diana Solomon-Glover