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The Stewardship Community    

The 5 Seeds of Gratitude

Live Gratefully.
What’s Grateful? The theme of our 2017 giving and serving campaign is Grateful. We’re all grateful for the love, community, and prophetic ministry of our church, so we’re expressing how we feel by giving and serving more than ever before. The campaign will be a dynamic part of worship each week, and will include quarterly celebration gatherings for the whole church, small groups and workshops on generosity, monthly appeals in support of Riverside’s ministries, guest speakers sharing thoughts on giving and faith, and volunteer opportunities in the local community and Riverside’s social services. 

Give Gratefully. What’s the goal for giving? Our goal is to ensure that all of Riverside’s programs and ministries are supported financially and in full by gifts from us, the members of this great church. If each of us who can gives $400 more this year than we gave last year, we take an important step toward reaching that goal. That’s an extra $33 per month. Are you ready to reach with us? 

Serve Gratefully. What’s the goal for serving? Our goal is 100% active member engagement with our new Open Hands Volunteer Portal. We invite members to experience first-hand the vibrant work of the Riverside social services, by signing up for volunteer opportunities at the Riverside Food Pantry, Barber Training Program, Clothing Distribution Ministry, Shower Project, and Safe Haven Homeless Shelter.

Believe Gratefully. Why does this campaign matter? The depth of our engagement in the life of Riverside and the quality of the beloved community we’re forming together are prophetic reflections of our commitment to the Gospel. In other words, the kind of life we live together will always be our strongest testimony to the world about Christ, love, inclusion, truth, justice, and hope - and that's why the Grateful campaign matters so much. Especially when times feel uncertain, we sometimes find ourselves asking, “But, what can we do?” Our answer is that we give and serve more than ever before to support and sustain the people, programs, and ministries that support and sustain us and our neighbors now and in years to come.

Grow Gratefully. Why does Stewardship and Development focus on both fundraising and fostering a deeper understanding of Christian stewardship?  Before Christian stewardship is about how we use our money, it’s about how we live our lives in communion with God and each other. Using learning tools like worship, education, and dialogue, Stewardship and Development supports and shapes people of faith as they strive to show generosity in every aspect of their lives and better understand the connection between faith and giving.


Upcoming Grateful Events:

1 - What You Leave Behind: Lenten Series Led by Stewardship
8 - Women's History Month Appeal // Women's Society
12 - Wall of Gratitude Launch
22 - Grateful Day of Service Signup Begins
22 - Grateful Day of Service
23 - Earth Day Appeal // Beloved Earth
TBA - Food & Formation Discussion Led by Stewardship
7 - Grateful Gathering
TBA - Mental Health Awareness Month Appeal // Grief Support
TBA - Food & Formation Discussion Led by Stewardship
TBA - Creating Congregational Cultures of Generosity Workshop
25 - Pride NYC Appeal // Maranatha
30 - Grateful Friday Social Media Day
17 - International Day of Friendship Appeal // Worship
30 - Grateful Gathering
13 - International Youth Day Appeal // Riverside Freedom Schoool
TBA - Growing in Gratitude Small Group Begins
21 - International Day of Peace Appeal // Worship
24 - Riverside's Homecoming & Festival of Lay Ministries
TBA - Food & Formation Discussion Led by Stewardship
22 - Special Presentation from Children & Families Ministry
29 - Grateful Gathering
29 - National Pastoral Care Week Appeal // Stephen Ministry
26 - Riverside Advent Market Launch
29 - Giving Tuesday
31 - Last Day of Grateful Campaign

Tuesdays & Thursdays 10am-11am

Stop by our office to say hi, grab snacks, and get answers to your giving and serving questions. Stop by anytime by appointment.

Have a Birthday this month? Check the mail for a special note from your Riverside family.

Check the weekly e-News for updates on the Grateful Campaign. Email Stewardship & Development anytime with your questions or comments.