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Spiritual Renewal    
At Riverside, we know that, despite our reputation for “speaking truth to power,” all our words and actions are empty if they are not based on the solid ground of faith. We gather in prayer, worship, and meditation to renew our commitment to living according to the promptings of the Spirit. We learn and grow in faith through Bible study and forums. We bring music from many traditions into our worship to revive our spirits. And then we take this spiritual energy back out to our homes, workplaces, towns, and to a nation in need of spiritual renewal. Much has been given us, and much is asked of us. We cannot waste our spiritual capital, but must ever seek to renew and deepen it.

Retreats at Riverside:

Twice yearly two-day Spiritual Retreats are organized in January and June with specific themes relating to our spiritual selves. Led by a member of the Riverside clergy or other ordained person, and with assistance from the Spiritiual Life Retreat Committee, the retreats are held in attractively situated retreat centers an hour or two out of the city. Participants pay in advance for accommodation and meals; costs are kept as affordable as possible. Retreats are open to all Riversiders and their friends.

In addition, one-day retreats are planned once or twice a year.