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Lay Leadership at Riverside: Joining Information and Procedures

Answering God's Call to Serve

2017 Election Schedule

Click here for the Full 2017 Election Schedule (PDF)

Important Dates:
March 12 - Deadline for applications
April 30 - Paper & electronic voting begins
April 30 - Conversation with the Candidates
May 18 - Voting ends
May 21 - Annual Meeting & Election

2017 Lay Leadership Nominated Slate 

Church Council
Mary Biggs
Robert Carpenter
Barbara Hampton
Jacqueline Hopkins
Len Leach
Lakeisha McCoy
Marilyn Mitchell
Patrick Mouton
Rick O'Keefe
Christian Rojas
Philip Salmon
Howard Sanders
Jean Schmidt
Sandy Thomas

Education Commission
Eugene Melino
Pamela Palanque North
John Slorance

Membership Care & Parish Life Commission
Isabel Bogdan
Dana Ferguson-Moss
Eldonia Goode
Jerome Hairston
David Jensen
Kurt Karandy
Gregory Muniz
Edward Roberts
Vanessa Wilkinson
Rosalyn Witter

Mission & Social Justice Commission
Kara Dago-Clark
James Litkett
Douglas Miller
Margaret Elaine Plaza
Forrest Taylor
Henry Williams

Worship Commission
Nancy Clark
Irene Ryan King
Linda LaShanna
Iniva Ngaka

Nominating Committee
Samuel Coleman
Shelly Ellis Herrington
Karen Mott 

Nominating Committee Update

On Thursday, 3/16, the Nominating Committee met – 13 out of its 14 members attended – to decide the slate of candidates for the 2017 election.  We have had very good response this year – so much so that we needed to make hard decisions.  Per the By-laws, there cannot be more than twice the number of candidates as the number of openings.  For Church Council there are 7 openings which means we could choose only 14 candidates from applications from 20 Riversiders – a larger-than-usual number since new people felt called to Lay Leadership this year.  None of the other Commissions/Committees had more than twice the number of candidates apply for the open spots, so it was only Church Council where choices had to be made.

We read each candidate’s answers to the three questions that appear on the Lay Leadership Interest Survey, we discussed the special qualities and skills of each person and what skills are needed at this time on the Church Council, and we looked at experience and commitment to Riverside as shown through volunteer work, a pattern of regular giving, and enthusiasm for the programs and work of the Church.  We did not give preference to incumbents but included that fact in the experience part of our discussion.

We chose 14 candidates, which meant six others were not chosen.  We would have liked to include all of the candidates but were restricted by the By-laws.  Those who were not chosen were told that they have the right to submit petitions containing the printed names and signatures of 100 members in good standing.  They have 21 days to do so – from 3/19/17 to 4/9/17.  Once a petition has been verified, that candidate will become part of the slate for the 5/21/17 election.

If you have questions, please see a Nominating Committee member during coffee hour.  The members of the Nominating Committee are: Christian Rojas (Christian was not involved in the Church Council discussion since he is a candidate), Christopher Bailey, David Orcutt (Chair), Desi Ruiz, Edward Roberts, Iniva Ngaka, Judy Turnock, Karen Mott, Lisa Hinds-Salmon, Pat Pell (Vice Chair), Paul David Wilkin, Rueben Martinez, Samuel Coleman-Secretary, and Vera Smith-Holzman (Vera had to leave early so was not involved in Church Council discussion).



Candidates for Church Council:

  • 2 years membership with pledges fulfilled

Candidates for Commissions and Committees:

  • 1 year church membership with pledge fulfilled.